Mylyn/Gitea Tasks Connector Update Site

This is the release and update site for the Mylyn/Gitea Tasks Connector ( ).

Copyrights and License

(c) 2021 F.Terrot

The Mylyn/Gitea Tasks Connector is provided under the MIT License you may find a copy here

Thanks and Credits

I want to thanks and credit:

Release Signature & Authentication

Starting with version 0.3.0, the Mylyn/Gitea Tasks Connector plugin will be signed with a Java self-signed certificate.

In addition to the internal signature, a detached GPG signature will be provided for all files associated with the release, including this README and the certificate public key, in the gpg/ directory. More over all commits in Mylyn/Gitea Tasks Connector related repositories are also now git-signed.

Self-signed certificate properties:

GPG key properties:

In addition to Mylyn/Gitea Tasks Connector Update Site GPG public key file is available from the different Git repositories used to develop the plugin :

You can also check the GPG key validity/fingerprint from :


  1. Install the plug-in either using the Eclipse market place either using obviously this site as a manually configured update site.
  2. Add a new Tasks Repository, using the new Gitea Issues repository type.
  3. Enter the project URL (something like http(s):// (the connector will disguard the .git if present)
  4. Enter the API key token you have created via your Gitea’s web interface: Settings | Applications | Generate New Token. It’s also possible to use usename/password couple.
  5. Do not forget to check the “Save Password” checkbox. I don’t know how to create a password prompt…
  6. Use the Validate Settings... button to verify your settings and then Close the dialog
  7. You can now create queries
  8. Read, Modify and create issues.

If you use https instead of http (and you absolutely should use https), be sure you have a valid certificate. That means it is signed by a trusted CA. If you don’t have a valid certificate like a self signed certificate, the plugin may refuse to connect. If you want to add your CA certificate to the java keystore, you have to:

  1. Find the keystore which is used by your JVM (on my machine it is /etc/ssl/certs/java/cacerts)
  2. Find out the password for the keystore (the default is “changeit”)
  3. Add the CA certificate to this keystore
  4. On Linux, Mac OS X, or Unix systems, use keytool -import -alias A-UNIQUE-ALIAS -file YOUR-CA.crt -keystore $PATH_TO_YOUR_KEYSTORE (root permissions may be necessary)
  5. On Windows, in an Administrator Command Prompt use "%PROGRAMFILES%\java\jre<JAVE-VERSION>\bin\keytool" -import -alias A-UNIQUE-ALIAS -file YOUR-CA.cer -keystore "%PROGRAMFILES%\Java\jre7\lib\security\cacerts"

Note: Starting with Java8, Let’Encrypt Certificates are accepted default.

What versions are supported

The Mylyn/Gitea Tasks connector is developed and so tested under Linux (XUbuntu 20.04) using:

It is tested in front of Gitea 1.14 Instance. It’s highly recommended to keep your Gitea’s instance up to date. You can use the Gitea Auto Update script to do it for You.

The plug-ins is configured to be compliant with Java 1.8 and Mylyn 3.8.0 as minimal versions and should be compliant with newest Eclipse versions.

The plug-ins should also run with Windows and certainly MAc-OS Eclipse clients.

What time zone is used in the task editor?

The times that appear in the Gitea issue editor (ie. created, modified) are in your local machine’s time zone.

Known issues/Limitations

Check Issues repository for more up to date development status information

Report an issue/Request a new feature

To avoid any account management activity, issues tracker is handled at Github.

Feel free to open issues to report bugs or request new features but please only write in English or in French (Google translate is not so good with technical tanslations)

Won’t be implemented

The goal of this connector is not to replaced the Gitea web interface. So everything which is not Issue related or not link with what may help a developer in his day-to-day issue management like Team/Repository management and milestone management will not be implemented.